Moving with the breath.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga combines the principles of traditional yoga postures (asana) and philosophy with modern understanding of how our minds and bodies work best by moving dynamically.

These classes are dynamic, but also kind and nurturing. I will gently encourage you to build strength and confidence over time rather than pushing your body to excess.

In each class you will be encouraged to work in a way that honours your body and how you feel on the day. We are all different and unique and need modifications and variations to make the practice accessible.

Let me be your guide, to look after you and adapt the practice so you can experience the many benefits of yoga for yourself. You don’t need to be super bendy to join in, in fact you will learn with me why stability and mobility are more beneficial to keep our bodies healthy over time.

When you work with me, you will develop a balance of strength, flexibility and mobility within the body and a calmer, more positive state of mind. You will also learn about your anatomy and the mind-body link. Each of my classes weaves in a different theme to help us understand how and why the practice is benefiting us.

If you are unsure or have tried other classes that didn’t suit you, please give me a call to discuss. I truly believe there is a style of yoga and a teacher out there for everyone!

Current Classes

Wednesday 9.30am – 10.30am The Yoga Shed Wickham – £9 Drop in/£49 for 6 (8 spaces) Book Now