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Welcome to my website!

I’m Gemma, a yoga teacher with over 12 years experience and a deep passion for learning about and passing on my knowledge of the practice of yoga and the science of our bodies.

Yoga has been the thread running through my life, a practice that has given me so much. Physical and mental wellbeing, space, connection with my self, self-care, community and kindness. It has supported me through a stressful career, infertility, pregnancy and motherhood and I want to show you how it can support you too.

My style of yoga has developed over many years into an approach that combines the ancient wisdom of the sacred practice of yoga with modern research and understanding of how our mind and bodies function best.

Classes combine a gentle enquiry of mind, body and breath with layers of knowledge and understanding.

Allow me to show you.

Styles of Yoga

Flow Yoga

Moving with the breath. These classes combine the principles of traditional yoga postures (asana) and philosophy with modern understanding of how our minds and bodies work. To be really healthy, our bodies need movement and our minds need stillness and yoga’s unique approach is the perfect practice to develop both.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a gentle, supported style of yoga that focuses on stimulating our para-sympathetic response. Our modern lives are very busy, stimulating, stressful and active and these classes are the perfect antidote, combining meditation, calm breathing and letting go of tension to create ease in the body and mind.

Post-natal Yoga

After birth we give ourselves entirely to the care and needs of our babies. Every new mother is in a vulnerable state, she has birthed new life but is also a newly created herself and has to navigate this new state of motherhood whilst rebuilding her body and finding a new way of being, Yoga can support us in our recovery and help us manage the huge changes to our lives that new motherhood brings.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy is a fleeting and magical time, your body will go through massive changes and do something utterly amazing, create new life! However, It’s not always an easy time and It’s normal to have anxiety about the pregnancy or upcoming birth, It’s also common to become uncomfortable, develop back and pelvic pain and have trouble sleeping. All of these can be eased and managed with a regular yoga practice.

Fertility Yoga

Yoga is a powerful way to improve your fertile health and to support you throughout your fertility journey. I know first hand how gruelling and overwhelming infertility can be. My own difficult journey to conception highlighted the lack of emotional support and isolation felt by women going through infertility.

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