Bishops Waltham Class

I took the plunge last January to get back to yoga after a break of several years and found Gemma!

Gemma has a positive and encouraging approach to her classes. I have found myself more self aware and am learning to listen to my body more.

I am definitely more flexible as a result of my practice and find the class a great compliment to the other exercise I do and often a challenge!

I love the different focus that Gemma puts on each class – it always seems to be just what I need. I am hooked and would encourage everyone to give it a try!


Bishops Waltham Class

Gemma is a fantastic teacher with loads of experience teaching classes of all shapes and sizes! I have been attending one of her smaller classes at the Health Space in Bishop’s Waltham.

The studio is bright and airy (with underfloor heating – a plus on cold, wet mornings!), and the classes are small so you get personalised modifications and support throughout the practice.

So far the classes have been very informative as well as practical and I am slowly working my way towards being stronger and more flexible with Gemma’s guidance. Each practice has been focussed on a different aspect of yoga or a part of the body which has made for really productive and engaging sessions.

Gemma makes everybody feel really comfortable in themselves and usually has a cracking playlist on the go for each session too!


Curdridge Class

I joined Gemma’s yoga class last April. I was a little apprehensive going along by myself and meeting new people as I hadn’t practiced yoga for a long while.

I was greeted by warm smiles, a relaxed atmosphere and I immediately felt at ease and welcome. I really look forward to my yoga class every week. I feel stronger, more flexible and most importantly, I feel calmer!

I’ve learnt to breathe and take two when things get a little stressed. Remembering my yoga meditation, helps me learn to be CALM and CARRY on! I am grateful to have found yoga, it is now part of my life.

I really recommend joining one of Gemma’s classes. Do something for you 🙂 x