Women’s Afternoon Retreat – May 11th 1.30pm – 5pm – Wickham. £45

Join me for this very special afternoon retreat. Take some time out to allow yourself to be truly nourished,

Why a women’s retreat?
Women have such power, such ability to create, to instigate change and an infinite innate wisdom. However our modern world does not celebrate and support us. We learn to ignore the signals and messages of our body, we judge ourselves by the masculine standards of doing and achieving, we constantly compare ourselves unfavourably to others. It leaves us burnt out, drained and out of touch with our true nature. We need a unique approach to reconnecting with our true nature, there’s a lot of unlearning to do!

What will we be doing?
We will begin with a flow to connect us to the fluid creative female energy (yoni shakti) Honouring our womb space, moving freely and creatively and allowing release of deeply held tension
We will take a long yoga nidra (guided yoga sleep) to allow us to deeply relax and rest.
We will drink herbal tea and eat nourishing snacks together.
We will gather together in circle, fully guided and supported to consider our challenges and needs and how we might manifest changes in our lives to help us tap into our power and balance our needs with the needs of others. You can choose how you participate, offer wisdom, sharing your thoughts of listening in a safe space.

What will I take away from the afternoon?
A real sense of community, a deep sense of relaxation, a sense that you have refilled your cup, ideas for how you can look after yourself better, some resources such as journal prompts and meditation scripts.

If the cost is a problem for you but your heart longs for this, please send me an email and we can discuss how you can still join us.
Any other questions? please get in touch.

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